Intensive Practical Booster

Started on June 1, 2018 6-12 Hours

Do nerves seem to get the better of you everytime you go to sit the practical exam?

Are there any particular areas you struggle with or do not feel so confident?

Well, we may be able to help you find a way around it all with our practical booster course. If you’ve already taken the actual exam but never got the result you wanted don’t worry as you can always re-take it again at a later date. Although passing the test first time around is what both instructors and pupils strive for, the truth is not everybody will at their first attempt, and that’s ok! Sometimes, It may just be nerves that get the better of you or a few extra hours that are needed behind the wheel to iron out those little flaws. But, for whatever the reason be that you did not nail it the first time around, we will do our best to help you overcome that.

If there are any areas you feel you struggle with, and are preventing you from driving at your full potential, it just simply means you will have to look at the areas which are causing this and put a plan of action into place on how to rectify them. Our practical booster course has been designed to assist those who are going to re-take the practical test and those who are going to take it for the first time and have specific areas they are struggling with and want to tackle head-on. A great way to get your driving up to scratch before test day and deal with any nerves and anxiety you may have beforehand.

(Please note, the Practical booster course is only available for those who require at least 8 hours minimum in extra driver training).