Motorway Booster Course
£150 Per Session

Started on June 1, 2018 3 Hours

Motorway driving can be an off-putting thought for even the most experienced of drivers, let alone a newly qualified one. For some, it’s their confidence in maneuvering around the lanes and for others, it’s something they find quite scary as everything is moving so quickly around them. Whatever the reason for it many drivers opt to use public transport instead to avoid it all, but it does not have to be that way. If you managed to gain your driving license, then you are already more than halfway there. This type of driving is new to many, but if we restrict ourselves from doing things we would like to be able to do, then we are never going to make that step and look back and say that was a breeze. Just like anything else learning to use the motorway is a process but you will get there. Our Motorway tuition course will cover every aspect of highway driving that you will need to know, like how to use the lanes correctly, how to approach and leave the motorway/slip roads, understanding how and when to act on information and much more.

Please be aware this course is only available upon request and must be booked at least 72 hours in advance which is then dependent upon availability.