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The Theory Test

Theory Test and Online Training Tools

Some of you may or may not have already passed the theory test, and this is the first stage you will need to have completed before taking the practical. Even if you have mastered the theory test, it’s always good to go over and revise from time to time. There are lots of online links and training tools designed to assist you with this, and you can always get someone to test you on how well you are doing. Below you will find we have added a link where you will be able to find useful information and training tools to use at the GOV.UK official website.

Please use the link for the Theory test practice

Taking driving lessons

About Taking Driving Lessons

Many will say that getting behind the wheel is the exciting part of learning how to drive. But there are other aspects to it that people find very daunting and sometimes even stressful. Seeking the right driving school, instructor and a price range to fit your budget will all play factors in the final decision of who you will choose to teach you. Now, whilst we all agree that lessons can be costly ( and we ourselves are not inexpensive) can you put a price on the safety of the lives of yourself and others? We didn’t think so, and although everybody loves a good bargain, we believe in some instances quality serves better than quantity. It’s always better to take professional lessons which are dedicated and tailored specifically to you. This way you are likely to spend less in the long run and will end up taking fewer lessons overall. We have included a little something for everyone with our range of driving packages and courses offered and hope you will find something which suits you.

Practical driving test

Taking The Practical Driving Test

The instructor will only advise you to book the practical test on the basis that you both feel you are ready. From the day you start taking lessons right up until the actual test day, the instructor will be monitoring your progress. Having spent the time teaching you how to drive, your instructor is probably the best one to ask when it is best to book the test. Don’t worry! They will always let you know the areas you are doing well in and the areas which have room for improvement or correction. Remember, they will only place you forward once they feel you have become a safe and competent driver who can handle the roads. You will provided with links to online learning tools along with any advice the instructor thinks may help you in the lead up to the big day.

We are living in modern times, and with the practical driving test changing as of the 4th December 2017, things are a little different now. Although the marking system has stayed the same, the test itself has now changed. With the DVSA implementing changes to the reversing maneuvers, the independent driving section and bringing in the use of a sat nav system the world of driving is modernizing.

What are the changes?

You are still required to do the independent driving part of the test. This will now be for a duration of 20 minutes instead of 10.

For most of those taking the test, the examiner will require you to follow directions from a sat nav system. Though you will find this is the case for 9 out of every 10 test taken, for those not required to use a sat nav the examiner will ask you to follow the road signs instead.

The ‘reverse around the corner’ and ‘turn in the road’maneuvers’ have now been abolished from the test but should still be apart of your lessons. You will now instead be asked to do one of three different possible reverse maneuvers in the test. The examiner will always let you know which maneuver they would like for you to perform.