Many will agree that getting behind the wheel is the exciting part of learning how to drive, but there are other aspects to it that people can sometimes find quite stressful. Finding the right driving school, instructor and a price range to fit your budget will all play factors in the final decision of who you will choose to learn with and it’s not always an easy one. Now whilst we agree that lessons can be costly the question is can you put a price on the safety of the lives of yourself and others? We didn’t think so, and although everybody loves a good bargain, we believe in some instances quality serves better than quantity.

Although it’s always great when someone is willing to take you out on the road for a few lessons you will find It’s always better to take professional one on one lessons which are dedicated and tailored specifically to you. Not only will you be under professional guidance and supervision at all times, but you will also find it is the best way to learn. Remember an instructor knows what is required in order for you to pass the driving exam and will help you avoid picking up the bad habits of others, which is something you really do not want to do. One thing we do advise when choosing a driving school is that you choose wisely as you will be likely to spend less in the long run and can avoid having to change schools and instructors. Who knows you may even end up taking fewer lessons overall depending on who is teaching you and your learning ability.

How to choose a driving school that suits me?

  • Take the time to think about what you need. Do you want to learn to drive using a manual or automatic gearbox? How much can you afford to set aside for the lessons you want to take?  Questions such as these are just a few of the things that you will need to look into and compare with any driving school you are considering.
  • Ensure the instructor has the correct qualifications to teach you how to drive. The ADI should be DVSA approved and fully CRB checked. Upon meeting with them they should have a training badge with their number and details on it. If not, you may want to look elsewhere.
  • Shop around and do your research, don’t just opt for the first driving school that comes up on the Google search engine. Make some phone calls and direct enquiries as opposed to just booking the first thing that comes up online.
  • Before committing yourself to any courses or bulk bookings take a few trial lessons with an instructor and get a feel for how they teach and what future lessons may be like with them. Does their teaching methods suit you and your learning style, do they come across as professional and most importantly do you feel comfortable with the instructor.

Tips for you

  • You must be aged 17 years and above before you can take driving lessons.
  • Set yourself a reasonable and affordable budget.
  • Shop around and read up on the reviews and experiences of others.
  • Book a practice slot before committing yourself to any bulk bookings. This way you can get a feel for how comfortable you will be with the instructor and their methods of teaching.
  • You can get some driving practice this with family members or friends who have been full license holders for a period of 3 years or more. But try to avoid picking up any bad habits.
  • Don’t forget your Learner Plates when practicing outside of lessons.

Remember before you can begin taking driving lessons you will need to have a provisional driving licence issued by DVLA. If you do not have one you can apply for this online @GOV.UK or by collecting a form from the local post office. The current cost to apply online is £34 and a postal application is £43. You can find all the information you need on how to apply and much more on the GOV.UK website.