The instructor will only advise you to book the practical driving test on the basis that you both feel you are ready. From the day you start taking lessons right up until the actual big day, the instructor will be monitoring every step of your progress. Having spent the time teaching you how to drive, they are probably the best ones to ask when you should go and book the test. They can always let you know the areas you are doing well in and the areas which have room for improvement or correction. Remember, they will only place you forward once they feel you have become a safe and competent driver who can handle the roads. You will be given links to online learning tools along with any advice the instructor thinks may help you in the lead up to the big day.

What can I do to prepare for my practical test?

A Few Tips!

  • Book the practical when you feel you are ready to do so. Sometimes our nerves can get the better of us, but you will know when its time
  • Ensure you get the right amount of rest before going to take the practical exam. Going to do your test when exhausted is not the best idea, and is less than likely to get you the result wanted as it is hard to concentrate when tired.
  • Be consistent with your lessons and try to get an appropriate amount of supervised driving practice.
  • Try and concentrate on brushing up on any areas you don’t feel confident in or needs work.
  • Go through any concerns about the test with your instructor so you can address them beforehand.

Use the link to the GOV.UK website to book the Practical Driving Test