The thought of doing the school run, getting into the office on time or the monthly shop no longer has to be tiresome one.No more waiting at the station for a delayed train, packed bus or a lost taxi? Learn to drive in your own time and comfort by gaining your driving license with Learner 2 Driver Academy. We have a range of options available for those who would like to opt for our basic driving lessons, but please do ask as these are only available upon request.

Our basic driving lessons are 2-hour slots which many learners opt for at least once or twice a week. Upon having your first lesson, the instructor will analyze the driving stage you are at and put a lesson plan in place for you. During each session, your instructor will be covering the different aspects of driving and monitoring your progress in the following sections: How to drive a vehicle correctly, how and when to use the controls, road awareness, operating a car on different types of roads, weather conditions and much more.


Below we have listed a few friendly tips to help you along the way

  • Keep a diary of your progress after each lesson. This will help you to see which areas you are ok with and what areas have room for improvement or need correction.
  • Try to be consistent with lessons and take a minimum of 1 lesson per week
  • Feel free to ask your instructor for advice in any areas you are struggling with.
  • Take on board the points your instructor is giving to you. It’s easy to do things in your own way, but they really do know best.