Taking the theory test and passing is the first stage you will need to have completed before taking the practical. You will be unable to book a driving test until you have done this no matter how well you can drive, or think you understand the theory. Remember, the test is split into two main parts, The Multiple Choice Questions Section and The Hazard Perception Section. To pass, you will be required to complete both parts successfully.

Some of you may or may not have already passed the theory. But even if you have, it’s always good to go over and revise from time to time. If you do not succeed, don’t be disheartened as it can sometimes take a few attempts and you will be able to rebook it again three working days from the date you sat the test. At the end of the test you will be given a sheet which tells you the outcome, and you’re test scores for each section. Use this to compare your marks to those required and see where you need to focus. There are lots of online links, training tools and other resources designed to assist you with this, so try and make use of any that are available to you.

Some Tips!

  • Try and always set aside a reasonable amount of time to study when you are least distracted and not tired. After all, there is a lot of information you will need to process, and it is essential that you have a clear head, and space to do so.
  • If possible try and make use of all the learning tools available to assist you with this. Whether they be online resources, reading books or other training tools go for what best suits your learning style.
  • The Hazard Perception pass mark required is 44 out of 75 points.
  • The Multiple choice pass mark required is 43 out of 50 points.
  • You can always get a friend or relative to test you by doing a quiz or asking you questions. It is a great way to see how well you are doing and can also be fun.
  • On the day, remember to take along you’re provisional photocard licence when going to do your theory test. Without this, the staff at the center will be unable to verify your identity or information, and you will be unable to take the test on the day.

How long will my theory pass certificate be valid for? and why do I need it?

As we mentioned, earlier this is the first stage you will need to have completed before even attempting to take the practical test. There is no point in giving somebody a licence who does not understand and know or understand the other parts to driving. That itself is a hazard to the candidate, the examiner, and other road users. Remember they don’t want to see your driving skills alone, they want to test your awareness of the roads and see how well you process and act upon information given. Once you have passed the theory, your pass certificate will be valid for two years from that date. Within this time you are given the opportunity to pass the practical exam and for some, it may take a few attempts. If for any reason you are unable to do so within the timescale given you will be required by law to retake the theory test as the certificate will no longer be valid.