Paul Nelson

Founder & Lead Driving Instructor
Brief info

Hi everyone, my name is Paul Nelson and I am the founder and lead driving instructor at Learner2 Driver Academy. I am a qualified ADI who is very passionate about my job and have been in the profession for just over 11 years. So it's fair to say I know quite a lot about the industry. Having had the pleasure of teaching numerous students who have gone on to successfully pass their driving test I am proud of the academy and all it has achieved to date. Our pass rates are good and Learner 2 Driver Academy is continuing to grow whilst providing professional driver training services to those in South London.

Learner 2 Driver Acadmey was set up not only to assit pupils in learning how to drive but to also put our pupils and their needs first. As an ADI who has been in the profession for quite some time it was quite saddening to hear the stories of pupils who previously had bad experiences with other driving schools and felt like they had wasted time and money. I had years of driving experience, passionate about helping others and was honestly tired of the lack of regard towards students and their needs and decided to set up Learner 2 Driver Academy. While I agree that we all need to make a living to get by, for many the main focus is to make money instead of giving value and ensuring that pupils transform from being learners to competent real-life drivers. One of my main reasons for starting up the Learner 2 Driver Academy was to set up a driving school which focused solely on its pupils and helping them to gain the skills and confidence needed. I always feel that anybody who joins us should be able to develop and walk away with the skills needed for a lifetime of safe driving, and if not then we feel like we have failed.

At the Academy, we take pride in helping to turn learners into drivers and always do our best to put our students and their needs first. We aim to give value for money along with tailor-made driving tuition to suit individual needs, as by doing this we can guarantee that every pupil has the correct knowledge, skills, and disciplines needed to pass their driving test and become lifelong certified drivers.