Tips on How to Pick a Driving School

Picking a driving school can sometimes seem like a task as there are so many willing to teach you. But the truth is although driving schools and instructors will take you on, not all will be suited to you. Many drivers will have a story to tell about their experiences of having to change driving schools and instructors on one occasion or more, and it’s usually for reasons such as feeling they were not benefiting from the lessons, or the instructors teaching style was not allowing them to progress and so forth. Here at Learner 2 Driver Academy, we would advise on doing some research before you commit yourself to anything at all. Understand that teaching others to drive can be a lucrative business for those involved with many instructors and driving schools focusing more on the financial gains and getting pupils on the books rather than helping them to gain lifelong skills.

Although we understand that the aim of every pupil and instructor (well most), is getting you to pass the test, this alone is not going to get you through. Nothing beats experience, and we all have to start from somewhere, with driving lessons being one of the first stages of practical driving it’s important you understand what you are doing once behind the wheel. Look for a driving school where you will feel comfortable with the instructor and their teaching methods, and you will find you may be less likely to have to change over in the future.

  • Research the driving school or instructor you are interested in using. Make sure they are DVSA approved and qualified to teach you how to drive.
  • Book a trial lesson to get a feel of the instructor and their teaching methods. You may not be able to tell everything by one trial, but you can get an idea of what future lessons may be like with them.
  • Ask the questions that will be relevant to you and your learning processes.
  • Always stay within your budget and don’t let anyone try and force you to take on something you won’t be able to afford in the long run. Consistency is the key when learning to drive and taking regular lessons plays a big part in your overall progress, so stick to what you can afford.

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