As a new driver, the cost of car insurance often tends to be quite high, and it can seem like a never-ending search when trying to find a reasonable quote that suits your requirements. But ensuring you have a valid insurance policy for your vehicle is compulsory and has to be done if you are to be a legal motorist who stays on the right side of the law. There are many ways for you to save on car insurance as a first-time driver and one of the keys to finding yourself a good car insurance policy is to shop around. Ask family and friends about who provides their cover and also try contacting providers to query what they have to offer you, and what comes with their quotes. Depending on the cover you require you will find that prices vary with each insurance provider, so make sure you take notes and compare any quotes you receive.

When applying for car insurance, you should always ensure all information provided is honest and accurate as this can affect the policy at a later date. Any false or misleading information given can mean your insurer has the authority to cancel the policy with immediate effect, and you’ll be left to start from scratch all over again. Many insurers are willing to give you the cover you need but make sure that it’s something you can afford along with the maintenance of your vehicle before committing to it. Below you will also find a few tips we thought you might find useful when searching for your cover.

Useful Tips
  • Always try to shop around and don’t stick to internet quotes alone. Picking up the phone to have a chat with a provider can often make a difference to the final quote you receive.
  • The Excess amount means the amount you are willing to front in the event of making a claim. There are two types of excess which can be provided by the insurer, one being compulsory and the other voluntary excess. The insurance provider is the excess mandatory amount, and the optional excess amount is set by you the driver. The higher you are willing to go with your voluntary excess amount the better as it takes the risk factor down for insurers. Just make sure it’s reasonable and what you can afford in the case of having to make a claim
  • Paying for your insurance in one go is usually the cheaper option, but this is not suited to everyone. Although it will often save you money for some, it’s easier and more cost effective to pay in monthly installments. Only opt to settle in one go if you know you can afford to do so.
  • When choosing your cover make sure it includes what you need, from breakdown cover to windscreen wipers these things all make a difference. If you are going to take things out to cut the cost make sure you can cover any expenses you may incur which are not covered by your insurer.

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